Kid's Hope USA


Ministry Leader:  Joyce Rosel


We have six mentors who will resume meeting with their student at Kendall, five - seven mentors who will be partnered with a new student, and at least one new mentor to be trained. There is still a huge need at Kendall for more mentors. It takes very little of your time, and the blessings you receive are far greater than the time put in. Training takes about three hours, and you meet with your student for one hour a week for about 25 weeks. That's just a little more than ONE DAY out of 365 days. Please prayerfully consider joining our KIDS HOPE program as a mentor.

For several months there has been information regarding a plan to help support and encourage the staff at Kendall. Sign-up sheets are at the Welcome Station. Please consider volunteering to help us in this endeavor. It will take more than just our present group of KIDS HOPE volunteers to accomplish this.

A Prayer Walk is being planned at Kendall. Further information will come when a date and time is set.



   November 2018   
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